Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts: U.S. Leaders Must Listen To Protestors About Racial Injustice
Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts before Game 4 of the 2019 NLDS
Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports

While Major League Baseball attempts to facilitate its return, the focus throughout the country over the past week-plus has shifted elsewhere with George Floyd the latest African-American to be the victim of police brutality.

Floyd was killed by an officer in Minnesota, which prompted widespread protests. The Los Angeles Dodgers organization has always been vocal about social issues, and they of course are the team Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier with in 1947.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who is the organization’s first minority manager, recently spoke up in a series of interviews, saying that ‘normal is not good enough’ when it comes to racism, among other powerful statements.

Roberts has often been criticized in his tenure with the Dodgers for some of his on-field decisions. No one has questioned his ability to lead though as it has been easy to see the impact he has made in the clubhouse and changing the culture of the organization.

Perhaps the leaders of the United States can take some advice from Roberts on how to properly lead during a time like this, and he offered just that in an interview with SportsNet LA:

“I just love the idea of being uncomfortable. I think our country is afraid of those conversations. There’s a big difference, in my opinion, of being educated and not being ignorant. I think they just don’t work hand in hand. If you’re educated that you’re not ignorant.

“Turning a blind eye to something that is apparent in our culture and country, shows ignorance. I think the leaders in our country, that have the opportunity to promote change and to make a difference, really have to have that ear. The reason people protest and rise up is because they want to be heard. I think any great leader has to be a great listener.”

It is good to see not only Roberts, but players like Mookie Betts, Justin Turner and David Price being so vocal in recent days to stand up for what is right.

Hopefully it inspires the change that Roberts alluded to and the country can turn a horrific act such as the killing of Floyd into something positive for the future.

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