Justin Turner Foundation, The Dream Center Open Female Veterans Home
Matthew Moreno-DodgerBlue.com

As much as Justin Turner is revered for his contributions to the Los Angeles Dodgers, he’s equally viewed as an All-Star within the community. Whether through the Justin Turner Foundation or team-organized initiatives, Turner and his wife, Kourtney, regularly provide for those in need.

They work hand-in-hand with The Dream Center, and together, they officially opened a Women Veterans Home on the non-profit’s campus that is a few miles from Dodger Stadium. “We were so thrilled because we knew how successful the men’s program was going,” said Turner, recalling his reaction to plans first being laid out to build the first-of-its-kind home.

“We were on board. We were behind it 100 percent. I just want to say thank you to everyone who got their hands dirty, got involved, and made this place special.

“What you guys do here is amazing. It truly is a unique place. It is amazing watching how many lives you touch every single day in our community.”

The idea to build a home for female veterans is in large part a brainchild of Pastor Matthew Barnett. While making visits across the country, he would receive questions from those who attended his sermons as to what was being done for women.

In addition to receiving support from the Turners, Barnett called on a favor from longtime friend and Pastor Jentezen Franklin. “We love you so much. If you don’t know, Justin and Kourtney have, without a doubt, been two of the greatest ambassadors of goodwill that I believe Los Angeles has really ever seen,” Barnett said.

Matthew Moreno-DodgerBlue.com

“I know they would disagree because they just feel like they’re doing their part. But there’s really no one like Justin and Kourtney. We’re so thankful for them.”

Dream Center director of ministries Kelli Bradley added: “They have gone on and on and on to support us. They’re a huge part of how this house happened.”

At least one female veteran and possibly up to three, were expected to move in hours after the doors were formally opened. The house features a welcoming garden and backyard area, complete with new furniture and a deck.

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