Dodgers Injury Update: Max Muncy ‘On Track’ For Opening Day With Torn UCL Recovery

As the Los Angeles Dodgers were looking to force a Game 163 that would decide the National League West, Max Muncy sustained a left elbow injury that sidelined him for the entire postseason.

It was initially believed the 31-year-old primarily suffered a dislocated left elbow, but he later revealed the full extent included tearing the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).

Neither Muncy nor the Dodgers offered specifics on what the rehab process entailed, but both sides have kept a positive outlook. L.A. reportedly was optimistic in December that Muncy would be ready for Opening Day of the 2022 season.

Muncy revealed during a recent appearance on “Dodger Talk” that his recovery from the torn UCL in his left elbow is coming along nicely and does anticipate being in the Opening Day lineup, via AM 570 L.A. Sports Radio:

“It’s coming along. It feels pretty good now, it’s feeling strong. We’ve been swinging a bat lately. It’s progressing well. The lockout does help, but at the same time it’s a little tricky because I am getting more time to get healthy, but I’m not really being able to work with my guys on the staff. I can’t even talk to them. I’d probably be getting better treatment if I was getting worked on by them, but it’s just the unfortunate circumstance. It does give me a chance to get healthy, but I’m not getting the full extent of what I could be getting.

“I think even before the lockout, it was looking like I was going to possibly be ready for Opening Day. I still think we’re on track right now. Like I said, it’s feeling strong, it’s feeling healthy. We’ve been swinging a bat and it’s a little stiff, but that’s to be expected. We’re working through it and it should be good to go.”

As Muncy noted, the ongoing MLB lockout has afforded him more time to recover, but a downside is that he hasn’t been permitted to work directly with the Dodgers’ training staff.

Muncy batted .249/.368/.527 with 26 doubles, 36 home runs and 94 RBI over 592 plate appearances en route to a 10th place finish in National League MVP voting in 144 games last season.

L.A. will need him to continue producing at a high level moving forward, especially after losing Corey Seager to the Texas Rangers in free agency.

Muncy willing to change positions for Dodgers to sign Freeman

The combination of Seager joining the Texas Rangers and Freddie Freeman remaining on the open market has fueled speculation the Southern California native could land with a new team when the lockout ends.

Muncy, who has experience playing second base and third base, said he is willing to change positions if the Dodgers are able to sign Freeman.

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