Dodgers Did Not Request Max Scherzer To Be Checked For Foreign Substances

Max Scherzer’s first start against the Los Angeles Dodgers since signing with the New York Mets did not go as planned as the right-hander was ejected in the bottom of the fourth inning after essentially failing multiple foreign substances checks by umpires.

Scherzer was initially stopped by first-base umpire Phil Cuzzi after pitching the second inning. Cuzzi found some substance and instructed Scherzer to wash his hands, which was a non-issue.

However, when Cuzzi inspected Scherzer’s glove and hands again prior to the bottom of the third inning, trouble arose. Cuzzi required Scherzer to get a new glove, which he obliged with.

Home-plate umpire Dan Bellino and Cuzzi then did another check on Scherzer before the bottom of the fourth began. An angry Scherzer appeared to be telling the umpires the foreign substance in question was merely rosin and sweat, but Cuzzi ejected him anyhow.

“No, not at all. That was routine. We had nothing to do with it,” manager Dave Roberts answered when asked if the Dodgers were behind the multiple checks on Scherzer.

Bellino later confirmed the Dodgers did not request Scherzer be inspected for foreign substances. “No, this was routine. We check every pitcher multiple times,” Bellino began.

“[Tuesday] night, Clayton Kershaw was checked four or five times. We’re trying to make sure that it’s a level playing field out there and that no one’s gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

“I know that’s the goal, that’s mission for MLB. They want a level playing field. This was an incident that’s unfortunate. But you know, it happened, so the office of the commissioner will deal with it.”

After the game, Scherzer adamantly denied using foreign substances against the Dodgers and doubled down that he only applied a mixture of rosin and sweat.

Dave Roberts won’t address if Max Scherzer cheated

Scherzer, who was the subject of contested foreign substances checks last season, is facing a likely 10-game suspension, pending official word from MLB.

“I’ll wait until something comes out to respond to that,” Roberts answered when asked if he would be disappointed in Scherzer if the league determined he cheated.

“I don’t want to get too deep into that one.”

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