Dodgers Clinch Home-Field Advantage For Potential NL Postseason Tiebreaker With Rockies, Are In Favorable Position For Other Scenarios
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With the stretch run in full effect and multiple postseason spots still up for grabs, let’s get a quick refresher on how tiebreakers work and where the Los Angeles Dodgers stand.


If two teams were to tie for a division championship or the second Wild Card spot, then a play-in game would determine who would advance. In the case of two division winners tying or two teams tying for the first Wild Card spot, however, then tie-breakers would go into effect.

Here is the full-list of tie-breakers to determine which division champion would get home field advantage in the NL Division Series/which Wild Card team would get home-field advantage for the play-in game:

1. Head-to-head winning percentage during the regular season.
2. Higher winning percentage in intradivision games.
3. Higher winning percentage in intraleague games.
4. Higher winning percentage in the last half of intraleague games.
5. Higher winning percentage in the last half plus one intraleague game, provided that such additional game was not between the two tied clubs. Continue to go back one intraleague game at a time until the tie has been broken.

As you can imagine, things rarely get past tiebreaker No. 2, but when it comes to the postseason, you never know what could happen.

In regards to the Dodgers, the two most logical teams to look at for potential tie-breakers are the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves. Should the Dodgers end up tied with the Colorado Rockies, it would be in a scenario that would require a play-in game and not a tie-breaker.

Monday’s win guaranteed the Dodgers would host a 163rd game of the season rather than have to face the Rockies at Coors Field.

With the Braves, the Dodgers could potentially win the NL West and end up tied with the NL East champion for home-field advantage in the NLDS. In that case, it’s good news for the Dodgers: they posted a 5-2 record against the Braves this season.

As for the Brewers, who currently have the pole position on the No. 1 Wild Card spot, it’s more good news for the Dodgers. Should Milwaukee and Los Angeles tie for the No. 1 Wild Card spot, the Dodgers would get homefield in that play-in game thanks to a 4-3 record against the Brewers.

However, if the Dodgers end in any sort of tie with the St. Louis Cardinals, a play-in game would take place at Busch Stadium.