Dodgers News: Blake Treinen Grateful For ‘Miraculous’ Return From Torn Capsule In Right Shoulder

When Blake Treinen first began to experience right shoulder trouble in April, the Los Angeles Dodgers believed a few days of rest would remedy the issue. However, it became apparent he would not be available by the targeted date and it led to a stint on what was still a 10-day injured list for pitchers at the time.

The Dodgers anticipated Treinen making a quick return but as more days passed that possibility was ruled out. Treinen was ultimately transferred to the 60-day IL and only spoke in general terms about his right shoulder injury. On Saturday, the veteran relief pitcher revealed specifics now that he’s returned.

“Going in and seeing Dr. (Neal) ElAttrache and getting the word that I had a partial tear in my capsule. He was telling me that my season was over,” Treinen recalled. “My wife and I just felt the need to seek God and prayer, and see what his hand is in the recovery process.

“Had some good friends of the family out in Colorado give us some insight of sometimes you’ve got to ask God how he wants to heal you, versus just being praying for something miraculous. Then went back and that’s when we had our conversations with Andrew (Friedman), and very grateful they were willing to see a benefit in both ways. So we agreed to do the rehab process.”

Part of Treinen’s initial recovery process was to receive a platelet-rich plasma injection in his right shoulder. “I don’t think they felt like it was necessary, but anything to help speed it up was what we kind of went for,” he explained.

“Because of where it was at, it was such a vascular area that they felt like because of the amount of blood flow in that area, it would heal up on its own.”

As Treinen was still mulling over the path he would take, the physical required to finalize a contract extension with the Dodgers provided him with the answer.

“Come to find out the scarring had already happened. That gave me the miracle I needed. God had healed me over and given me some scarring in my capsule,” Treinen said. “I think it was to the surprise of people around that it happened so soon. So just confirmation that his hand was on it.

“From that point on, very blessed to have the guys that we have in here, organizationally, to get me stronger, keep my mind in the right place and challenging me to push through some stuff. Mark (Prior) has gone through some similar injuries in his career, and he was a huge help with me when it comes to trusting certain parts of the process. It’s been a long, there’s been some ups and downs.

“I’ve been pretty quiet on it. I don’t like putting the cart in front of the horse, but the biggest goal was to try to find a way to be healthy and contribute in any way. And my goal is to get back and be better and stronger than I was before the injury. This is still part of the process, but I’ve checked all the boxes I need to. Now it’s just getting back on the mound and letting God get the glory that for the recovery that he gave me.”

Treinen ready for any role in Dodgers bullpen

Since signing with the Dodgers before the 2020 season, Treinen has been utilized in a variety of high-leverage situations. There also have been instances where he’s closed games, and that could come into play should Craig Kimbrel continue struggling.

However it unfolds, Treinen is prepared to pitch in any capacity asked of him.

“We had a discussion [Friday], I went in, just to give him a hug and tell him I’m glad to be back,” Treinen said of speaking with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “Just kind of laid out some ideas. I’m not a prideful individual. I mean, we all are to an extent, but I understand the big picture here.

“These guys have had a phenomenal year without me. I just want to try to fit in however that works and not step on any toes or mess up any routine or rhythms that this team has established over the course of the first three quarters of the year. So whatever capacity it is that I can help this team win down the stretch, if it’s what it’s been in the past, great.

“Or if it’s different, great. I’m just very grateful to be back and have an opportunity to pitch.”

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