Dodgers Break MLB Record For Tickets Sold To Special Event Game With Mexican Heritage Night At Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers-Twitter

In addition to producing an annual promotions and giveaway calendar for games at Dodger Stadium, the Los Angeles Dodgers designate select dates for special event ticket packs.

Each of the select dates and packages include a ticket to the game and feature unique pregame ceremonies plus an exclusive experience or promotional item. Of the dates on the Dodgers’ special event calendar, Mexican Heritage Night ranks among the most popular.

This season that falls on May 8, for the series finale against the Atlanta Braves. The ticket pack comes with an exclusive Dodgers Mexican Heritage Night jersey, which due to high demand, will be directly shipped to purchasers by July 31.

With tickets still available, the Dodgers have already set an MLB record for most sold to a special event game, per Darren Rovell of Action Network:

The Dodgers’ ties to Mexican heritage of course traces back to famed left-hander Fernando Valenzuela. He invigorated the fanbase during his playing days and remains one of the franchise’s most beloved icons.

On the current roster, Julio Urias and Alex Verdugo most prominently represent the Dodgers’ ties to Mexico. Urias was signed out of the country, while Verdugo embraces his father’s Mexican roots.

Verdugo’s walk-up song, “Volver volver” by Vicente Fernández draws swoons from the crowd when played at Dodger Stadium. Verdugo played for Team Mexico in the 2017 World Baseball Classic, and recently hosted the first Viva Los Dodgers event this year.