DodgerHeads: Stan Kasten’s & Alex Wood’s Comments About 2020 MLB Season Proposals; Best 3-Man Home Run Derby Teams
Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports

Despite uncertainty hovering over the 2020 Major League Baseball season, there are a multitude of topics to discuss, involving the sport as a whole and Los Angeles Dodgers specifically. As such, has rebranded its online show and launched “DodgerHeads.”

The third episode featured host Jeff Spiegel and senior writer/editor Daniel Starkand.

The first topic of discussion surrounded Dodgers president Stan Kasten’s comments about the uncertainty of the 2020 season. MLB is discussing a number of different possibilities to get a 2020 season in, such as playing it all in Arizona and Florida with realigned divisions, but it’s frankly too early to put too much merit into the possibilities.

Only time will tell where the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will go in the coming months, so while they obviously need to have a plan in place for when play is able to resume, nothing is close to happening at this time.

The “DodgerHeads” discussion continued with Alex Wood’s comments, which focused more on the players’ side of things.

If MLB were to have a season in Arizona and Florida with players forced to be quarantined other than going to the field to play, that would keep them away from their families for a long period of time.

While Wood doesn’t have any kids and would be fine with that proposal, a number of other players likely feel differently so that is yet another factor that the league will have to consider when looking for solutions.

That led the discussion veering towards if the entire 2020 season is cancelled, where that would put the Dodgers and other organizations. While the Dodgers could lose some key players to free agency like Mookie Betts, Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Kiké Hernandez and Pedro Baez, their financial responsibility in free agency over the years puts them in a better place than many other organizations if there is a significant loss of revenue due to a cancelled season.

Finally, Jeff and Daniel concluded with a discussion on which teams would field the best three-man home run derby team if MLB were to implement Justin Turner’s proposal for extra innings.

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