Dino Ebel Joins LADF For Groundbreaking Ceremony On Dodgers Dreamfields Nos. 61, 62 & 63

Dino Ebel joined the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation for their groundbreaking ceremony on Dodgers Dreamfields Nos. 61, 62 and 63, each located at Blair Park in San Bernardino.

This $1.7 million project will support youth ages 5-18 with three refurbished fields, which includes new playing surfaces and grass, enclosed fields, upgraded dugouts and irrigation systems, new pitchers mound, bullpens and LED scoreboards that resemble those seen at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers Dreamfields being built in San Bernardino is especially touching for Ebel, who is from Barstow and grew up in the Inland Empire. Ebel and LADF chief executive officer Nichol Whiteman were among those to share remarks with the crowd before the shovel dedication.

“If you can get the kids to get out here and get on the field, you keep them off the streets and get into sports,” Ebel said. “For me, it was a training to life and discipline. You have a schedule, you have to show up, you come to the park and join Little League teams.

“So for me to be here today at Blair Park, and to see what the Foundation is doing, it’s incredible. I’m so happy for the city of San Bernardino and for the kids in this area.”

Upon completion of the new Dodgers Dreamfields, over 9,800 youth under 18 living in San Bernardino will have access to a safe environment to play baseball and softball at Blair Park.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation builds and refurbishes baseball and softball fields in underserved communities throughout Southern California. Since 2003, LADF has invested nearly $20 million to refurbish 60 Dodgers Dreamfields.

LADF progressing toward Dodgers Dreamfields goal

In February 2019, Whiteman announced an initiative the LADF set of reaching 75 Dodgers Dreamfields by 2033. The target date was selected to represent 75 total fields for the 75th anniversary of the team’s move to Los Angeles.

That came on the heels of the Dodgers Foundation fulfilling a 15-year promise by completing their 50th Dreamfield.

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