Dave Roberts Not Concerned By Giants Ignoring Unwritten Rules

Unwritten rules are always one of the most controversial topics in MLB, with old-school enthusiasts defending the concepts that have governed players for decades, and newer thinking that argues they are imaginary and pointless.

The San Francisco Giants are one of the main clubs that have embraced an anti-unwritten rules message and play style in their organization, with manager Gabe Kapler openly speaking out against the made up rules multiple times.

It has caused some to take offense at how the Giants play, but Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is not among those who have significant concerns.

“I understand it,” Roberts said of the Giants’ approach and questions it has raised. “I think we all live in the moment, but when you’re trying to manage a game and trying to win a series, and trying to win as many games as you can in a season, there’s always a cost.

“Whether you tack on a run, you give up a run, you use a leverage guy, you stay away from a couple guys, all those things matter. So I completely understand his thought process. I might or might not follow suit, but I understand where he’s coming from.”

Earlier this season, the Giants attempted to steal a base and keep scoring against the Washington Nationals while up by six runs in the sixth inning. After the game, Nationals manager Davey Martinez said it was uncalled for.

Roberts was asked if he had any criticisms for Kapler and the Giants so as to stir up controversy and add to the rivalry, which he laughed off.

“You want me to entertain you? That’s my job? The game is about the players,” Roberts replied. “The players are going to entertain us tonight. Honestly, I don’t know the exact situation. I really don’t.

“If it was the seventh or ninth (inning), don’t know who was available or who they wanted to stay away from, I have no idea. So if I don’t have all the context, I don’t think it’s fair for me to answer. I heard about it, but I didn’t want to dig into the exact scenarios.”

The Dodgers ended up sweeping the Giants in the short two-game series, so there didn’t end up being much for Roberts to be upset with either way.

Roberts his views on MLB unwritten rules

The Dodgers haven’t been a club that enforces the unwritten rules under Roberts and they have mostly ignored them, but he still feels like some of them are valid and encourages the club to proceed as such.

However, if another manager sees it differently, the Dodgers’ skipper doesn’t want to pass any judgement.

“There’s been a couple times this year where we’ve been in a plus-plus game and it’s a 3-0 count, and I have the guys take,” Roberts said. “That’s just the way I see the game, but I’m not going to condemn another manager if they feel the green light should be on there.”

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