Dave Roberts: MLB Trying To Get Baseballs ‘As Consistent As Possible’

Major League Baseball began to enforce its rules against the use of foreign substances on baseballs during the 2021 season in response to offensive production dropping to historic lows.

Since then, the league has been trying to develop a prototype that everyone can get behind. Unfortunately, there has not been much progress as pitchers are still finding issues with the baseballs.

Former Los Angeles Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen recently said that he has had issues controlling the slicker baseballs because they aren’t rubbed well before the games.

Manager Dave Roberts said he has heard similar complaints around the league. “I have. I think the main thing that Major League Baseball was trying to prioritize is having it consistent. And every ballpark relative to weather, humidity, altitude, trying to make the baseball as consistent for the pitcher as possible,” Roberts said.

“But as far as Kenley’s thoughts on it being slick, not tacky enough, I haven’t heard that from our guys. But when they do go other places, you certainly hear murmurs. But I really don’t have enough kind of insight in that. I do know that Major League Baseball is trying to get it as consistent as possible.”

Jansen’s comments came on the heels of him nearly blowing a save in the Boston Red Sox’s 5-4 win against the Los Angeles Angels on April 14. He allowed one run on one hit and struck out two while throwing only 14 of his 25 pitches for strikes.

Jansen is in his 15th MLB season and went as far as saying the baseballs in the bullpen are better than the ones used in games.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred disappointed with development of pre-tacked baseballs

Commissioner Rob Manfred envisions pre-tacked baseballs coming to MLB someday and expressed disappointment that a good model hasn’t been created yet.

Nippon Professional Baseball and the Korean Baseball Organization already have a league-approved substance and use balls that are pre-coated.

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