Dave Roberts: Julio Urías Emerging As Leader Of Dodgers Pitching Staff

The Los Angeles Dodgers pitching staff has withstood a rash of injuries thanks to collective contributions that Julio Urías has been part of.

The left-hander allowed just one run over seven innings his last time out, which came on a misread ball that resulted in a triple that set up a swinging bunt for an RBI single. Since a disastrous outing against the Chicago Cubs on July 10, Urías has pitched at least six innings in all five starts.

“I don’t think it’s mechanical. But Mark and the pitching guys, they’ve worked tirelessly on preparing them,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said of Urías’ recent success.

“He does a great job in the weight room. I think with Julio, he expects a lot from himself. I think there was just a point where he wanted to be looked at as the guy. And how do you do that? You do that by going out there and performing.

“Julio is a guy. We already know that, but I think that that’s something for him that he wants it to be known. He’s been doing that consistently, and we’ve been the benefactors.”

Roberts believes Urías is emerging as one of the leaders of the Dodgers staff for the way he handles himself on the mound. “I just tell that by every start the last two months, it’s been very consistent,” Roberts said.

“There’s been a lot of conviction. And not to say that pitchers don’t want to pitch well every start, but he has not given himself any chance for any letdown. The velocity is up, he’s going from pitch one to pitch 100 with the same intensity.”

Roberts thinks Urías’ ability to look at the game situation and rise to the occasion speaks to his maturity. “I think so. He’s very respectful of service and what people have done. But he’s also super competitive and super confident,” he said.

“I think now he understands there’s nothing else for him to prove on a Major League field, but still be the guy when he takes the mound.

“Whether it means a winning streak is going on or snapping a losing streak. But every time he takes the baseball, he doesn’t expect to give up any runs and he likes to win.”

Roberts: Urías running with opportunity to become leader

With Clayton Kershaw currently sidelined due to a back injury, Roberts believes Urías has embraced the opportunity to lead the Dodgers rotation. “I think it was more of he was ready when the opportunity was going to present itself,” Roberts said of Urías.

“At some point it was inevitable, so he’s continued to graduate and move up. Clearly he’s taken this opportunity and run with it.”

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