Dave Roberts Disappointed Dodgers Fans Booed Dusty Baker During All-Star Game At Dodger Stadium

In addition to manager Dusty Baker overseeing the American League roster, the Houston Astros had five players named to the 2022 MLB All-Star Game in Yordan Álvarez, José Altuve, Kyle Tucker, Framber Valdez and Justin Verlander.

Altuve withdrew from participating, and so too did George Springer, another member of the 2017 Astros team that was found to have electronically stolen signs en route to winning the World Series.

While that left Verlander as the only member from that team who was available to play at Dodger Stadium, all associated with the Astros drew hearty boos from Dodgers fans.

“I was not surprised,” said manager Dave Roberts of how Astros players were received However, he who preferred Baker had been absolved.

“If I had it, I wish they wouldn’t have booed Dusty. Dusty had nothing to do with it. If anything, he’s been a great voice for baseball, he was a great Dodger,” Roberts added. “So if I could take that back and prompt fans not to do that, I wish I would’ve done that.”

During the All-Star Game press conference to announce both starting pitchers, Baker said he wasn’t concerned with how the pro-Dodgers crowd would receive him or Astros players.

“Well, whether I’m cheered or booed at this point in my life, my career, doesn’t matter,” Baker said. “I’ve been cheered and booed all over the country. So just do what you got to do. If they boo my players, I would prefer that this beautiful town of L.A. don’t kind of forget the past because most of the players that are here weren’t even there during the scandal.

“And I just wonder about the forgiveness of mankind, and also at the same time, you know, these guys are here because they want to be here. And so I hope that they don’t boo them because it doesn’t do any good.”

Baker, a native of Riverside, played eight seasons for the Dodgers and was part of their 1981 World Series roster. He additionally helped the team set an MLB record in 1977 as the first team with four players to hit at least 30 home runs in a single season.

Baker’s celebration with teammate Glenn Burke after accomplishing the feat on October 2, 1977, is widely believed to be the first high five in sports.

Roberts encouraged fans to boo Astros in 2020

When the Astros visited Dodger Stadium in 2020 for the first time since their tainted World Series title, Roberts was fully on board with Dodgers fans expressing their anger by greeting team buses outside Dodger Stadium with signs and trash cans.

“I loved it,” Roberts said at the time. “I think they have every right to do whatever they feel to express their feelings. I thought it was great. It just shows the passion the Dodger fans have.”

The Astros received more harsh treatment when playing in L.A. last season.

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