Dave Roberts Credits Dodgers Fans For ‘Taking Over’ Yankee Stadium

Perhaps the most well-traveled fan base in all of baseball is that of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is a frequent sight to see Dodgers fans rivaling, and even outnumbering, home fans while on the road, and it often gives the team an extra boost when they are away from Chavez Ravine.

But one place that not even the Dodgers can overtake, generally, is Yankee Stadium.

The New York Yankees are home to another incredibly passionate and loyal fan base. But over the first two games of the weekend series between the two teams, Dodgers fans have showed out incredibly well.

More than 5,000 fans from Pantone 294 were at Saturday’s blowout win for L.A., and by the end it seemed as though Dodgers fans outweighed Yankees fans in the Bronx.

Manager Dave Roberts praised the fan base for the way that they showed up in droves and talked about how much of a feat it is to do what they did at Yankee Stadium, according to Jack Harris of The L.A. Times:

“You don’t take over Yankee Stadium too often,” Roberts said. “But they did a good job of letting us know they were here.”

If the reputation of Dodgers fans traveling well wasn’t already fully established, it certainly became that way over the weekend. And it has helped that the Dodgers have already secured the series victory with wins on Friday and Saturday night.

Saturday night’s blowout win made the Dodgers fandom’s presence known, as Yankees fans quietly shuffled out following Teoscar Hernández’s game-icing grand slam in the eighth inning.

Dodgers fans have the ability to take over any stadium in baseball, but seeing it happen in the Bronx against one of the most loyal fan bases in the sport is doubly impressive.

Yankee Stadium selling Shohei Ohtani merchandise

The Dodgers are in the Bronx facing the Yankees this weekend in a renewal of an old-school rivalry between two of the most historic franchises in MLB.

There is always a good amount of star power on display when these two teams go head-to-head. But this year has a little extra excitement behind it with Shohei Ohtani joining the likes of Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman on the Dodgers’ side and Juan Soto joining Aaron Judge for the Yankees.

The Yankee Stadium team store is using this meeting as an opportunity to sell some unique merchandise to mark the occasion, including a hat to represent both Ohtani and Judge.

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