Kershaw’s Challenge, The Dream Center Provide For Community With Back To School...

Kershaw’s Challenge, The Dream Center Provide For Community With Back To School Bash


Clayton Kershaw once again partnered with The Dream Center, formally through his charity, Kershaw’s Challenge, to host the annual Back to School Bash. Together, the foundations combined to provide 2,500 backpacks filled with school supplies.

While the Los Angeles Dodgers ace makes a living delivering pitches from the mound, Kershaw was on the frontline, passing out the backpacks to one awe-struck child after another. “It’s something maybe as kid growing up, I took for granted having the right school supplies,” he said.

“These kids definitely don’t take that for granted. They’re excited to get their backpacks and it’s fun for us to get to hand them out. It’s really cool to see them so grateful.

“I wish I understood how blessed I was growing up to have these things. Hopefully, going into the school year it gives them a little extra motivation to have a good year, stay on top of their grades and who knows, maybe it can help them all the way through high school.”

On a personal level, Kershaw has been involved with The Dream Center four years running. This year marked the second Kershaw’s Challenge has officially worked with the non-profit.

“The Dream Center does so many amazing things for so many groups of people, and this Back to School Bash is no different,” Kershaw said.

In addition to providing school supplies and backpacks to children, the day included complimentary dental and medical screenings, clothing, groceries, face painting and an array of family-friendly entertainment.

For Kershaw that meant taking time before and after distributing backpacks to tend to fatherhood. With his daughter Cali in tow, they went into an inflatable jumper and stood at the side of a pool filled with bubbles.

For as much as Kershaw’s Challenge manages to accomplish during high-profile events such as the Back to School Bash and Ping Pong 4 Purpose fundraiser tournament, there’s a year-round focus to continue providing for those in need.

“We’re always trying to find different opportunities to help out communities in L.A., Dallas and even all across the world,” Kershaw said. “It’s a really cool thing for us to get to be part of. We’re looking forward to finding more opportunities.”