Chris Taylor, Justin Turner, Max Muncy, Will Smith & More Part Of Dodgers’ Backpack Drives

While enjoying a successful homestand over the past week, the Los Angeles Dodgers partnered with Jacoby and Meyers for backpack giveaways at Dodger Stadium and Variety Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights.

Justin Turner, Max Muncy, Julio Urías, Will Smith and Chris Taylor were on hand to welcome 3,000 students from the Los Angeles Unified School District to the center field plaza, where backpacks and essential school supplies were distributed.

Kourtney Turner, Kellie Muncy, Mary Keller and Cara Smith also assisted with passing items out.

The local students received a Dodgers-branded backpack along with pencils, rulers and water bottles, and attendees were treated to Dodger Dogs.

“Obviously an important day. As we all know, not too long ago, kids couldn’t even go to school,” Justin Turner said. “So making sure they’re equipped and ready with everything they need to go back and get the education they deserve. Just happy to be here, happy to be a part of it, happy to encourage everyone to get back to school.

“For me as a kid, going back-to-school shopping, getting my backpack, my notebook, my pencils, my pens, was always an exciting day. I think it’s something that can be taken for granted. To have this opportunity to supply this stuff for the kids and families who may not have the means to go to the store to buy it all for them, I think is incredible.”

Also over the weekend, the Turners supported Clayton and Ellen Kershaw for the ninth annual Kershaw’s Challenge Back to School Bash at the Dream Center.

Taylor, Dodgers bring smiles to Boys and Girls Club

To follow up on the giveaway at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers provided the same experience and supplies to students at the Variety Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights on Wednesday.

Taylor, Keller and representatives from the Dodgers and Jacoby and Meyers visited the local club, where students were additionally surprised with tickets to a future game.

“I think it’s really important to use our platform that we have and more than anything, just coming out here and interacting with the kids,” Taylor told “It’s something that doesn’t really take a whole lot from us. You can just see how it brighten ups their day and really does mean a lot to them.

“To be able to come here and meet all these great kids, it really does put things in perspective. Throughout the course of a baseball season, we can get so focused on our jobs and lose sight of that, so I think it’s good to do events like this to interact with them and try to make a difference any way we can.”

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