Best Los Angeles Dodgers Gear For 2022 Spring Training
Dodgers women's denim jacket, FOCO

The start of 2022 Spring Training has been delayed due to the ongoing MLB lockout, but plenty of new Los Angeles Dodgers gear is available from FOCO.

The leading merchandiser has regularly sold out of limited-edition Dodgers bobbleheads, but its offerings include an array of men’s and women’s wear as well. Chief among FOCO’s best-selling products is a Dodgers jean jacket for women.

It’s the perfect piece of wardrobe for chilly nights until the weather heats up as summer months of baseball arrive. The Dodgers denim jacket is branded with the team logo on the front and features “LA” among stitching on the back.

Dodgers floral straw hat, FOCO

Also available from FOCO is a Dodgers floral straw hat. It’s sold with the traditional “LA” logo on the front, and an alternate design with the team’s branding featuring a United States of America flag design.

Dodgers fans can pair the straw hat with swimming trunks for men, while women can purchase a one-piece bathing suit.

Dodgers floral swimming trunks, FOCO

No summer outfit is complete without a pair of sandals, which FOCO has covered with Dodgers slides. They can be bought in two versions — one featuring more “LA” branding, and the other with the traditional “Dodgers” script.

Dodgers slides, FOCO

Dodgers ornament and more for holidays

While many fans eagerly await the return of Dodgers baseball, some like to be ahead of the curve and plan ahead. For those, FOCO has a Dodgers ornament and more holiday-themed products available as well.

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