Angels’ Mike Trout Agrees Agrees With Trevor Bauer On Foreign Substances
Austin Barnes, Mike Trout
Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball finds itself mired in another controversy, as a staggering amount of pitchers have continued using foreign substances on baseballs to increase their spin rates.

Looking to put a stop to this once and for all, the league reportedly will soon require umpires to regularly check with pitchers and determine if they are doctoring baseballs.

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Trevor Bauer, who was under investigation earlier this season for the same issue, is relieved MLB has made more of an effort to crack down on pitchers applying sticky substances on baseballs.

The right-hander, however, noted he wanted a fair playing field with regard to any potential new rules that may be implemented this season or in the future.

L.A. Angels star Mike Trout shared his thoughts on the topic and agreed with Bauer’s assessment on how MLB should approach the problem, per Jack Harris of the L.A. Times:

Part of why MLB has taken a stand against pitchers using banned substances stems from the historically bad offensive numbers being posted this season. The league batting average currently is at an all-time low and strikeouts have continued to soar.

MLB is hopeful that a ban on foreign substances will help offensive production increase across the sport.

Bauer wants MLB to make sticky substances rule more clear

Amid the league’s attempts to ban the use of foreign substances on baseballs, many players still aren’t sure what actually is being enforced. “No one knows what the rules right now, apparently. Including MLB and the commissioner,” Bauer said.

“It would be nice as players to know what rules we’re competing by and what rules are going to be enforced. But as everyone knows, a rule that’s written down but never enforced, is not a rule.

“So it’d be nice to have some clarity on what the rules of the game are that we’re playing under, since it’s changed about four times in the past week or so.”

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