2023 NLCS: Phillies Hoped To Follow Dodgers Lead With Pool Party At Chase Field

In 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers began their run of eight straight National League West division titles, and 11 consecutive postseason appearances, by celebrating with a pool party at Chase Field after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks.

That led to anger from the Diamondbacks organization, which caused them to have police block the Dodgers from celebrating in the pool four years later when they won the division at Chase Field in 2017. They also did the same thing again during the 2022 season.

With the Diamondbacks now facing the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL Championship Series, they were hoping to end up having their own pool party while at Chase Field, via Chuck Schilken of the L.A. Times:

If that happens, Phillies backup catcher and former USC standout Garrett Stubbs said Wednesday, “We’ll be bee-lining it for the water.”

Although the Diamondbacks have taken offense at opposing teams using their pool, Garrett Stubbs added the Phillies would have meant no disrespect by going for a swim:

“We’re a respectful bunch of guys,” Stubbs said. “We wouldn’t do it if it was a disrespectful thing.”

The Diamondbacks have since shifted their tone on allowing opposing organizations into their pool and likely would have been ok with any team using the pool after winning a potential series.

When the Dodgers faced the D-Backs in the NL Division Series, Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall said the team would have allowed the Dodgers to celebrate a potential victory in the pool.

“The rivalry was strong and thriving then, which is a good thing,” Hall recalled of the Dodgers’ pool party in 2013. “I think looking back it’s all in good fun. And it’s a completely different group of guys here on the other side as well…

“But look, we know this team here, they’re so good, and year after year they proved if you’re going to go somewhere, you’ve got to go through them. And they’ve earned that. They have the right to celebrate however they want, wherever they want. They’ve certainly earned that opportunity.”

Phillies lost opportunity for pool party

Unfortunately for the Phillies, they dropped the first two games of their three games at Chase Field, which makes Monday at Citizens Bank Park the earliest day they could punch their ticket to the World Series.

A potential Game 7 would also be played in Philadelphia. However, if the Diamondbacks are able to win the next two games, the pool could still be used in a celebration for the World Series winner.

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