Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 regular season schedule

Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 regular season schedule

The Los Angeles Dodgers open their 2017 regular season schedule on April 3 at Dodger Stadium for the start of a three-game series against the San Diego Padres. It marks the second consecutive year the Dodgers and Padres have met in an Opening Series.

Los Angeles then heads out for a six-game road trip to face the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, with a quirk in the schedule providing an off-day after the first game between the Cubs and Dodgers and Wrigley Field.

The 2017 schedule has the Dodgers facing American League Central opponents, on top of the annual Freeway Series. Interleague play for Los Angeles begins June 13 with the start of a three-game road series against the Cleveland Indians.

Los Angeles will host Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins. The Dodgers’ first time facing the San Francisco Giants comes April 24 when the rivals open a four-game series at AT&T Park.

San Francisco makes its first visit to Dodger Stadium the following week for a three-game set (May 1-3). The Dodgers’ longest road trip of the season is a 10-game excursion that takes place mid-September.

They have a pair of 10-game homestands — May 18-28 and July 20-30. The Dodgers open the unofficial second half of the season in Miami, the host city for the 2017 All-Star Game.

April 3vs. Padres1:10 p.m. PT
April 4vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
April 5vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
April 6vs. PadresTBD
April 7@ Rockies1:10 p.m. PT
April 8@ Rockies5:10 p.m. PT
April 9@ Rockies12:10 p.m. PT
April 10@ Cubs5:05 p.m. PT
April 12@ Cubs5:05 p.m. PT
April 13@ Cubs11:20 a.m. PT
April 14vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
April 15vs. DiamondbacksTBD
April 16vs. DiamondbacksTBD
April 17vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
April 18vs. Rockies7:10 p.m. PT
April 19vs. Rockies7:10 p.m. PT
April 21@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
April 22@ Diamondbacks5:10 p.m. PT
April 23@ Diamondbacks1:10 p.m. PT
April 24@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
April 25@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
April 26@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
April 27@ Giants12:45 p.m. PT
April 28vs. Phillies7:10 p.m. PT
April 29vs. PhilliesTBD
April 30vs. PhilliesTBD
May 1vs. Giants7:10 p.m. PT
May 2vs. Giants7:10 p.m. PT
May 3vs. Giants7:10 p.m. PT
May 5@ Padres7:10 p.m. PT
May 6@ Padres5:40 p.m. PT
May 7@ Padres1:40 p.m. PT
May 8vs. Pirates7:10 p.m. PT
May 9vs. Pirates7:10 p.m. PT
May 10vs. Pirates7:10 p.m. PT
May 11@ Rockies5:40 p.m. PT
May 12@ Rockies5:40 p.m. PT
May 13@ Rockies5:10 p.m. PT
May 14@ Rockies12:10 p.m. PT
May 15@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
May 16@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
May 17@ Giants12:45 p.m. PT
May 18vs. Marlins7:10 p.m. PT
May 19vs. Marlins7:10 p.m. PT
May 20vs. MarlinsTBD
May 21vs. MarlinsTBD
May 23vs. Cardinals7:10 p.m. PT
May 24vs. Cardinals7:10 p.m. PT
May 25vs. Cardinals7:10 p.m. PT
May 26vs. Cubs7:10 p.m. PT
May 27vs. CubsTBD
May 28vs. CubsTBD
May 29@ Cardinals11:15 a.m. PT
May 30@ Cardinals5:15 p.m. PT
May 31@ Cardinals5:15 p.m. PT
June 1@ Cardinals10:45 a.m. PT
June 2@ Brewers5:10 p.m. PT
June 3@ Brewers1:10 p.m. PT
June 4@ Brewers11:10 a.m. PT
June 5vs. Nationals7:10 p.m. PT
June 6vs. Nationals7:10 p.m. PT
June 7vs. Nationals12:10 p.m. PT
June 9vs. Reds7:10 p.m. PT
June 10vs. RedsTBD
June 11vs. RedsTBD
June 13@ Indians4:10 p.m. PT
June 14@ Indians4:10 p.m. PT
June 15@ Indians9:10 a.m. PT
June 16@ Reds4:10 p.m. PT
June 17@ Reds1:10 p.m. PT
June 18@ Reds10:10 a.m. PT
June 19vs. Mets7:10 p.m. PT
June 20vs. Mets7:10 p.m. PT
June 21vs. Mets7:10 p.m. PT
June 22vs. Mets7:10 p.m. PT
June 23vs. Rockies7:10 p.m. PT
June 24vs. RockiesTBD
June 25vs. RockiesTBD
June 26vs. Angels7:10 p.m. PT
June 27vs. Angels7:10 p.m. PT
June 28@ Angels7:07 p.m. PT
June 29@ Angels7:07 p.m. PT
June 30@ Padres7:10 p.m. PT
July 1@ Padres7:10 p.m. PT
July 2@ Padres1:40 p.m. PT
July 4vs. Diamondbacks6:10 p.m. PT
July 5vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
July 6vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
July 7vs. Royals7:10 p.m. PT
July 8vs. RoyalsTBD
July 9vs. RoyalsTBD
July 14@ Marlins4:10 p.m. PT
July 15@ Marlins4:10 p.m. PT
July 16@ Marlins10:10 a.m. PT
July 18@ White Sox5:10 p.m. PT
July 19@ White Sox5:10 p.m. PT
July 20vs. Braves7:10 p.m. PT
July 21vs. Braves7:10 p.m. PT
July 22vs. BravesTBD
July 23vs. BravesTBD
July 24vs. Twins5:10 p.m. PT
July 25vs. Twins5:10 p.m. PT
July 26vs. Twins5:10 p.m. PT
July 28vs. Giants7:10 p.m. PT
July 29vs. GiantsTBD
July 30vs. GiantsTBD
Aug. 1@ Braves4:35 p.m. PT
Aug. 2@ Braves4:35 p.m. PT
Aug. 3@ Braves4:35 p.m. PT
Aug. 4@ Mets4:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 5@ Mets4:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 6@ Mets10:10 a.m. PT
Aug. 8@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
Aug. 9@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
Aug. 10@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
Aug. 11vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 12vs. PadresTBD
Aug. 13vs. PadresTBD
Aug. 15vs. White Sox7:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 16vs. White Sox7:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 18@ Tigers4:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 19@ Tigers3:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 20@ Tigers10:10 a.m. PT
Aug. 21@ Pirates4:05 p.m. PT
Aug. 22@ Pirates4:05 p.m. PT
Aug. 23@ Pirates4:05 p.m. PT
Aug. 24@ Pirates1:05 p.m. PT
Aug. 25vs. Brewers7:10 p.m. PT
Aug. 26vs. BrewersTBD
Aug. 27vs. BrewersTBD
Aug. 29@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
Aug. 30@ Diamondbacks6:40 p.m. PT
Aug. 31@ Diamondbacks12:40 p.m. PT
Sept. 1@ Padres7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 2@ Padres5:40 p.m. PT
Sept. 3@ Padres1:40 p.m. PT
Sept. 4vs. Diamondbacks5:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 5vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 6vs. Diamondbacks7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 7vs. Rockies7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 8vs. Rockies7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 9vs. RockiesTBD
Sept. 10vs. RockiesTBD
Sept. 11@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
Sept. 12@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
Sept. 13@ Giants7:15 p.m. PT
Sept. 15@ Nationals4:05 p.m. PT
Sept. 16@ Nationals4:05 p.m. PT
Sept. 17@ Nationals10:35 a.m. PT
Sept. 18@ Phillies4:05 p.m. PT
Sept. 19@ Phillies4:05 p.m. PT
Sept. 20@ Phillies4:05 p.m. PT
Sept. 21@ PhilliesTBD
Sept. 22vs. Giants7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 23vs. GiantsTBD
Sept. 24vs. GiantsTBD
Sept. 25vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 26vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 27vs. Padres7:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 29@ Rockies5:10 p.m. PT
Sept. 30@ Rockies5:10 p.m. PT
Oct. 1@ Rockies12:10 p.m. PT